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"Chrysalis" (CD) NOW AVAILABLE!

"Chrysalis" is the first CD produced in my project recording studio ("The Blue Room") and released on my Indie record label ("Serenity Records" SR0001). It's made up of 17 "demo" tracks recorded from the summer of 1988 to the summer of 2010 covering a WIDE variety of genres and styles. They're not polished, commercial-ready but instead offer an intimate view of the journey I've been on with this whole "music ministry" thing over the years. It's the only time "demos" will be available from either entity and marks my distinct move "up-market", into a more professional level of production.

Tracks include; "Crown", "Carry On", "Wedding Day (inst)", "Susan's Song (Uilleann Pipes)(inst)", "Alright", "MUSE", "Nothing", "On Your Side", "Valley", "Aliens", "Praise (Your Holy Name)", "Be Our God", "The Plan (1994)", "My Jesus (1994)", "Beligue (inst)(1994)", "The Plea (w/Daine Kuntz)(inst)(1988)", "Happy (inst)". Demos of some of these songs are available (for a limited time) to stream on my SoundClick and Facebook pages.

CDs are professionally reproduced, printed and shrink-wrapped and are just $10/ea. Shipping from the supplier is rather high on individual CDs, but if you're local to Morton, IL contact me for NO SHIPPING charges (I have copies on-hand).

"The Blue Room" and "Serenity Records" are divisions of "Serenity Ministries", the 5-fold ministry I'm currently developing which offers Christ-centered Indie-level multimedia production and publication (audio, video, photo, design and print) to local artists and ministries.

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THANK YOU for your support over the years!

In Service of the King,

~Michael "Blue" Erdmier


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