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Since the format used didn't allow for more detailed info within the packaging, I have decided to make
an "insert page" for the CD giving more background on each song,
detailing some of the equipment used, and full lyrics.

These first 5 tracks are all from the summer of 2010 and utilize several VST instruments on the PC,
except "Wedding Day" which was almost entirely recorded with a Korg OASYS.

"Crown" - "Crown" is an electronic-pop exploration of the mystery that is the upside-down Kingdom of God,
where the first is last, the last is first, the greatest is the least and the least is the greatest. We must return to our
first love, to enter the Kingdom as children and become fools for God.

He who would be first, must first be last
Your future requires that you release your past
If you want to fight, then get on your knees
To reclaim your right you must first appease

What goes up must come down
To be a king you must become a clown
To stand up you must first fall down
You've got to claim your cross to collect your Crown

We must turn back to complete the race
To be raised up we must fall on our face
And to ensure that we would understand
God sent us His Son who became a man

"Carry On" - "Carry On" is another electronic-pop piece, this time describing a "metanoia" moment; a moment of
repentance and change. This could be a new commitment to living for Christ or a rededication to the life.

Bye, bye, fear and doubt
No more holding out
I'm gonna figure it out
It's time for a change

Bye, bye, scream and shout
No more selling out
This time I'm gonna knock it out
My life's been rearranged

For the road is straight and narrow
And hard as the day is long
But His burden is light and His yoke is easy
So I, I will Carry On

"Wedding Day (inst)" - This instrumental was written on the day two of my friends married one another. Although it was not played at their wedding (I wrote it later that afternoon), it is dedicated to them. This one's for you, Ryan and

"Susan's Song (Uilleann Pipes)(inst)" - Another instrumental, this one includes live instruments, including a
melodica I've had since I was 3 years old (likely my first musical instrument). With an Irish flair, this one was later
dedicated to my dear friend Susan.

"Alright" - This instrumental was written over a bed of an uncut track of actual British air-raid sirens. It may one day
receive lyrics (which are already started in my head), but I am undecided whether to include them.

The next 5 tracks were originally part of the "MUSE" EP project
and were laid out in a specific order to create a storyline.
They were all recorded primarily using the Korg OASYS except "MUSE"
which used VST instruments on the PC and "Valley" which was recorded in 1994.

"MUSE" - One of the very first pieces I wrote and recorded after switching to PreSonus StudioOne Pro, "MUSE"
utilizes many of the tools available in that DAW, including Native Instruments VST instruments. This is a dark
synth-pop love song to Jesus, the ultimate inspiration for all things artistic. In context of the "MUSE" EP project,
this song lays a foundation of the first discovery of God's love shown to us in the man of Jesus Christ and how that
discovery leads us to desire to know and to be known more deeply.

I want You to know
I need You to see
To understand
The meaning of me

I've been wanting to say
All that's on my heart
To show You what's been
Tearing me apart

You are my MUSE
You are my life
My everything
You cause me to write

"Nothing" - "Nothing" is a deeply heartfelt track with lyrics that evoke the immeasurable greatness of God, and the
spiritual irony with which the universe is ruled, where we can only be made great through losing everything for Jesus
and where the carnal pursuit of temporal things renders us useless. In context of the EP, this is the second step to a
deeper understanding of the person of Christ and the relationship He disires to have with us.

You were everything
Made Yourself nothing
I am nothing
You make me everything

If I have everything
I gain nothing
If I have nothing
I gain everything

All I am is You
If You are in me (revision)
I am nothing
You make me everything

"On Your Side" - This is a quite simple song, simply stating that we have a help in time of trouble, a defender and
supporter in God. In EP context, proselytizing (telling people about the Good News) is the next step in a relationship
with Jesus. We are discovering this great friend and cannot help but want to tell others about Him.

Don't you know, Who to call
Don't you know, at Whose feet to fall

Don't you know, Who's on your side?

Don't you know, you're in His hands
Don't you know, on Whose Rock to stand (revision)
Don't you know, Who's on your side?

"Valley (1994)" - "Valley" was originally written in the '80s and has been recorded a few different times. This
particular version was recorded at a friend's house (BennyZ's "Studio 217") sometime around 1994 and was far and
away the best recording to date. This is partly because of the (then new) availability of the vocal harmonizer used

for the backing vocals and intro. The intro vocal was actually the product of an accident during the sound check, but
has become one of my favorite elements of this song. Obviously a retelling of the 23rd Psalm, this song was
written and recorded with a Korg X3 and utilized a Digitech MV-5 "MIDI Vocalist" for harmony as well as an
Alesis MicroVerb4 for the reverse reverb. I am working on an updated version which will repeat the final line ("For
You are with me!") several times over a new chord progression. You have got to hear it. :) In context of the
"MUSE" EP project, this is one more step along the path of a relationship with Jesus, and exemplifies our trust
in how He provides both in times of plenty and in the midst of trouble.

The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not be in want
He makes me lie down in green pastures
He leads me beside still waters
He restores my soul
He guides me in paths of righteousness
For His Name's sake

Even though I walk
through the Valley of the Shadow (of Death)
I will fear no evil
For You are with me!

You prepare a table before me
In the presence of my enemies
You anoint my head with oil
My cup overflows
Surely goodness and
love will follow me
All the days of my life
And I will dwell in the House of the Lord, Forever!

"Aliens" - This track is the final step along the path personified by the "MUSE" EP project, and provides an
intimate look into the battlefield that is the world at large, and how we are to be made into new creations who are
foreign to this world, being residents of a Heavenly Kingdom, and bringing that Kingdom to earth. I simply love this
song and am reworking it heavily into an even more moving battle theme.

Into the world, but not of it
Strangers and aliens, new creations
Unaccepted, persecuted and hated
Because they first hated You!
(You made us...)

Aliens, foreigners (we are not of this world)
Strangers, Aliens (we are not of this world)

Innocent as doves, shrewd as serpents
Heaven and earth are at our feet
Unaccepted, persecuted and hated
Because they first hated You! (You made us...)

These 2 tracks are from 2008 or so and mostly use a Korg Triton Pro.

"Praise (Your Holy Name)" - "Praise" is another of my all-time favorites, and is a powerful worship song illustrating
the war between heaven and hell. In that, it also shows the struggle that even believers sometimes face, but ultimately
shows the victory we have in Christ and gives opportunity to enter into His presence in deep, heartfelt worship.

Though the war has been won
The battle ensues
Though redemption is done
He seeks to accuse

Throughout the night
Some are yet deceived
Though You sit on high
Some still don't believe

The time's drawing near
You will return soon
There is nothing to fear
We soon will commune

For now we must fight
So light us aflame
And so for tonight
We praise Your Name!

Praise (Your Holy Name)

Our battle is not
Against flesh and blood
The victory's been bought
The war has been won

"Be Our God" - A short, heavy praise song recalling God's desire for us to be His people, for us to recognize His
lordship and for Him to be our God.

If we will praise Your Name and obey Your ways
If we will keep Your commandments
If we remember Your Word and worship no other
We will be Your people and You will be our God!

Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, God of Gods
Emmanuel, Holy One, Lion of Judah!

Before all the world, we lift Your name
Before all the nations, we praise Your ways
Before all the people, we lift Your praise
Before all the earth, we lift Your Name!

The next 3 songs (and "Valley") were originally part of a demo CD I put together in 1994.
It was thought to have been lost forever after a harddrive failure around 1996/97,
but I found a copy at the bottom of a box when digging through old CDs in 2009!
They were all recorded primarily using the Roland JX-305 Groovesynth,
except "Valley" which was mostly a Korg X3.

"The Plan (1994)" - I actually don't know whether this was originally titled "The Plan", "On Your Own" or "The Way
Home". Regardless, this is a perfect example of what most of my music sounded like in the early-mid '90s.
Somewhat simple synth-pop with lyrics indicative of a challenging walk with the Lord combined with decent
production (for the time) really sums up what I was all about at that time. Really like this piece and very thankful
that it was found after I thought it was lost forever.

You've got a hole in the middle
Of your soul
And it's eating you whole

You've got a toll in the middle
Of your goal
And you can't pay it at all

You can never walk away
You can never walk away, yeah
You will never find a way
You will never find your way, home
On your own

There's a fire there burning
In your eyes
And it's hard to realize

It conspires to keep turning
Deep down inside
But it doesn't make you wise

The fire never goes away
The fire never goes away, yeah
It will never show the way
It can never show the way, home
You're on your own

I've got a hole in the middle
Of My hand
And you can't understand

I had a toll in the middle
Of My plan
It was part of The Plan

I could never walk away
I would never walk away
From you
I tell you I'm the only Way
I tell you I'm the only Way, home
You're not on your own

"My Jesus (1994)" - Songs I wrote through about the mid '90s still had the occasional lyrical awkwardness here
and there, and you may notice more first-person lyrics ("I" and "me") as well. As I matured in my walk as well as in
songwriting, these methods have become a lot more rare in my writing. Even so, this is a song that I still hold very
close to my heart. The chorus was always intended to have a bit more going on, but with only 4 tracks of audio
available, I did the best I could at the time.

I can't explain
How I came to be this way
I can't describe
You're the apple of my life
My Jesus!

I can't complain
You rose me up from the grave
I can't cry
You've created in me a new life
My Jesus!

My Jesus, My God
My Jesus, My Lord

I can't depart
You're the ruler of my heart
I can't conceive
How You ever could love me
My Jesus!

I can't start
I am only just one part
I can't see
How much You must love me
My Jesus!

I can't conceive
How You ever could love me

I can't see
How much You must love me

My Jesus!

"Beligue (inst)(1994)" - The title of this track rhymes with "believe" and was the "hacker" name of a friend of mine
who worked in IT in the early '90s. It was basically just a dance track I did, just testing the limits of the synth I
was using at the time.

These last 2 tracks round out the CD with a couple simple instrumentals; 1 from the summer of 1988
and 1 from the summer of 2010.

"The Plea (w/Daine Kuntz)(inst)(1988)" - "The Plea" is one of my all-time favorites. It was improvisational and was
recorded with my friend Daine Kuntz playing his 12-string acoustic guitar and myself playing a 1965 Selmer MkVI Tenor saxophone (which I rented from my High School), each through cheap RadioShack microphones and into a
Yamaha MT100 4-track tape recorder. The saxophone was effected via a Boss PS-2 Pitch-shifter/Delay pedal
I had borrowed from another friend. We were in my "studio" in the basement of my parent's house and were
completely in the dark. I mixed this (including the fade-out of Daine's guitar) live, while we played it.
While playing, in my mind I was laying out Christ's ministry, from His baptism through the crucifixion, resurrection
and ascension. Maybe you can hear that as well when you listen.

"Happy (inst)" - This was one of the first pieces I recorded when moving to PreSonus StudioOne Pro and uses
the included VST instruments and a few loops. Just a fun little piece, but I like it.


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