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What can I say, it's that time again. The OASYS 76, Triton 76 Pro and Groovesynth have been sold to make way for a new studio desk, Arturia Analog Experience, The Laboratory (61), Native Instruments Komplete 8, Maschine, Blue Microphones Bluebird, TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack, M-Audio Keystation 88es, Tascam US-2000 and more! The desk really helps clean up the appearance of the room while centralizing all the gear and the new gear brings tons of new possibilities to the sound. Really looking forward to getting all of this up and running and starting a couple new projects with it.

Speaking of new projects, I'll be starting a new Worship CD project soon with a couple of very talented local artists; Aryn Pence and Jacob Kenney. Also, I'll be working on a "remix" type project that aims to put a distinct "Michael Blue" spin on some favorites from very talented local artist Jessamyn (Urban) Luong, called "Restless Dissonance".

Studio Production services, including backing vox and instrumentation, now available!


Indie Project Home Recording Studio





"The Blue Room" Indie Project Home Recording Studio 3/22/2010 in the midst of a renovation
NEW PIC coming soon...

Stick Enterprises Chapman NS/Stick #EHC 121221 "Maya"


Current Gear

Keys, MIDI & Software
Arturia Analog Experience - The Laboratory (61)
Native Instruments Komplete 8
Native Instruments Maschine
PreSonus StudioOne Pro
Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Spectrasonics Trilian
SampleLogic Cinematic Guitars
Celemony Melodyne
Toontrack EZ Drummer
Korg Triton Rack
E-MU Planet Earth Module
Korg X3R
M-Audio Keystation 88es
Yamha DX7
Siel DK80 (inop)

String, Wind & Percus
Stick Enterprises Chapman NS/Stick
Laguna LG Series 6-String Acoustic-Electric Cutaway
Cort B5FL 5-String Fretless Bass
Yamaha APX500 Thinline Acoustic-Electric Cutaway
Headway Riverhead Bass (inop)
Nikko 6-String Acoustic-Electric
Armstrong Tenor Sax
Bundy Alto Sax
Bontempi Melodica (1970s)
Gill Recorder
Custom Didgeridoo

Blue Microphones Bluebird Mic
AKG Perception 220 Mic
Audio Technica MB1000H Blue Mic
M•Audio BX5a Monitors
TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack
Electrix Warp Factory Vocoder
DigiTech JamMan Stereo Looper/Phrase Sampler
DigiTech BP200 Bass Effects Pedal
Presonus HP4 Headphone Amp
Tascam PB-32B 32x32 1/4" Balanced Audio Patchbay
Sony MDR-V150 Headphones
Sony MDR-7502 Headphones
Yamaha MT100 (x2)
Peavey KB-80
Furman PL-8


ProLine 3-Tier Stand
Tubecraft 2-Tier Stand
Ultimate XL3000 Stand

Previous Gear

Korg OASYS 76
Korg Triton 76 Pro
Korg ESX-1
Roland JX-305 Groovesynth
Yamaha DX100
Roland SH-201
Ensoniq Mirage Rack
Korg X3
DigiTech MV-5 MIDI Vocalist Vocal Harmony Processor
Alesis MicroVerb 4
RP80 Guitar Effects Pedal
Kawai MAV-8
M Audio Audiophile USB

Yamaha QX7

Peavey Line Mix 8

For Sale

Alesis MultiMix 16 USB 2.0
Echo AudioFire 2
TC-Helicon VoiceTone Correct Pedal
TC-Helicon VoiceTone Create Pedal
Ultimate 3-Tier A-frame Stand